Wild Life Conservation Policy

On Craigmore Plantations (India) Private Limited, we respect the fact that all wild life have the right to live and roam on our estates and forests with out any hindrance or threat to their lives. In order to conserve all wild life on the Group, the Company is committed to its conservation of wild life and to this end it assures:

  • That it will take all possible measures to ensure that wild life on the Group will not be threatened in any manner.
  • It will use all its available resources to ensure that no poaching of wild life takes place within its area.
  • The Company will collaborate with the Forest Department to protect wild life and bring to their notice any poaching or trapping of wild life on its property.
  • The Company will take the most severe disciplinary action against any employee who indulges in any form of poaching.
  • The Company will ensure that habitats favourable for wild life preservation with in its property are not damaged or destroyed at any cost.
  • The Company will deploy adequate watch and ward staff on its property to patrol its property to prevent any poaching of wild life.
  • The Company is committed towards wild life preservation and protection and towards this end it will collaborate with Experts/NGO in this field to improve its protection policy on the Group.

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