On Craigmore Plantations (India) Private Limited, we realise that management of waste, in an environmentally responsible manner is most important to ensure that the health & hygiene of the population is looked after and further that the environment is not damaged due to indiscriminate/unscientific waste disposal, especially disposal of non-degradable waste. In order to manage by segregating and then safely disposing all types of waste generated, the company has taken various initiatives and the following systems have been put in place:

In order to ensure the Company complies with these commitments/policies, the Company to this end assures:

  • NON-DEGRADABLE WASTE – All domestic non-degradable waste such as plastics, paper & metal waste will be safely disposed in HDPE bags, especially provided to all housing units including all labour line units, Staff quarters, bungalows, offices, hospitals, dispensaries etc and all other sundry buildings such as Crèches, labour clubs, canteens, & factories.
    Once a month, or as and when sufficient waste gets accumulated, this will be collected in a vehicle deputed by the Waste Management company based in Coimbatore, with whom Craigmore Plantations (India) Private Limited has signed an MOU for disposal of such waste, from pre determined central points on each Division.
  • DEGRADABLE WASTE - All domestic degradable waste generated will be segregated and safely disposed in concrete waste receptacles provided in all labour lines, Staff Quarters, bungalows, factories, hospitals, dispensaries and other sundry buildings such as Crèches, labour clubs, canteens, offices etc.
    All degradable waste will be collected on individual Divisions as and when its gets accumulated fully in estate vehicles and this waste will be safely transported to the “Degradable Waste Pit” designated and created on Pascoe’s Woodlands Fuel Clearing No. 32A and buried there, in such a manner that no waste is exposed above the ground or close to any human habitation.
  • WORKSHOP WASTE - All kinds of waste generated in the Group Workshop like used grease, waste oil, old oil filters etc will be stored in specially designated containers provided and not disposed otherwise in the open environment or with Non Degradable or Non Degradable waste mentioned in points (1 or (2) of this policy document. Waste oil generated will be collected and applied on timber used in building maintenance and repairs to make the same termite proof or sold to waste oil dealers available at Ooty or Coonoor.
  • GLASS WASTE: All Glass waste generated from CFL bulbs, incandescent bulbs, tube lights etc will be crushed and stored safely in specially designated Glass Waste containers provided at both factories.

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