Craigmore Plantations as a part of its policy to make improvements continuously in its systems and processes, has introduced a formal Food Safety Management System, in order to ensure that the produce of both our Tea factories meet all our customers requirements and also meet Statutory & Regulatory requirements with regard to Food Safety, by ensuring that we produce the same under very high levels of hygiene and safety. 

Towards fulfilling the Company’s commitment to Food Safety, the Company will ensure the following: 

Personal Hygiene:

  • Every worker employed at either Factory will be offered work only based on a medical examination conducted by the Medical Officer from time to time. Any worker found by the Medical Officer to be suffering from either Jaundice, Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Fever, Sore Throat with Fever, Skin Lesions and any discharge from either ear, nose or eyes, will be unfit to work in the factory and will not be allowed to enter in to the factory processing areas.
  • Every worker entering the factory premises will be required to wear only the uniforms provided by the Company in the case of male workers and women will cover their clothes with the over coat provided, which must always be clean.
  • Before entering the processing areas, all workers will ensure that they wash their feet in the Foot Wash provided, then wash their hands in the wash basin provided with soap, dry their hands using the hand dryer and only then enter the processing areas to commence work and handle teas. This must be carried out each and every time a worker leaves the processing areas and returns. All workers working in the processing areas at all times will wear the face masks, head gear and gloves provided and not handle teas with out these protections except exempted areas, where all these protective equipment is not required to be worn due to practical difficulties and personal safety concerns.
  • Spitting while inside the processing area is totally prohibited and coughing must never be towards tea in either unprocessed or processed form, under any circumstances.
  • All employees involved directly in cultivation & manufacture of tea will be provided appropriate and adequate training in food safety and hygienic handling of the product.
  • All visitors to the factory will ensure that they wear the face masks & head gear provided and wash their hands before entering the factory, to prevent any contamination to teas and also follow all the Do’s & Don’ts exhibited at the entrance to the processing areas.

Food Safety:

Producing Teas with the utmost care to ensure the safety of our customer(s), has been the prime focus of this Company and will continue to be so. To ensure that all teas produced by this Company are safe, the following will be ensured with regard to Food Safety:

  • Only those Agro - Chemicals that are approved for use in tea cultivation as per the European Union standards are used on Craigmore Plantations (India) Private Limited for control of pests & diseases.
  • The Company’s policies on Safety Harvest Interval to prevent teas being contaminated by Agro – Chemical residues will be strictly complied with by all estates.
  • Teas on a monthly basis will be drawn at random, only by the Managing Director, from either of the factories and sent to a third party “NABL” accredited laboratory for testing for all Agro – Chemicals.
  • The Company’s policies on prevention of contamination to teas, due to Foreign Material, Glass, Metal or Hard Plastics, Ingress of Birds, Insects, Rodents contamination will be strictly complied with by all concerned.
  • It will always be ensured that teas leaving the factory are checked for moisture content and the same must always be less than 5% at the time of packing. No teas with high moisture content are to be packed under any circumstances, to prevent fungus and mould formation in teas.
  • No visitor to the factory will be permitted to enter the premises or processing areas without written approval of the Managing Director, as a part of its policy to eliminate any threats by way of Bio-Terrorism at our factories.

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