• The company runs a 40 bed Group Hospital that provides free medical aid to its employees and their dependents, with all facilities, such as a Pathological Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Labour Room, Independent Maternity Wards, Minor Operation Theater, separate Male, Female and Paediatric Wards for inpatients, two independent Isolation Wards, a Pharmacy, a Dining Room for inpatients and two independent Staff wards. The company also operates three dispensaries on its outlying estates, manned by a Registered Nurse and Paramedical Staff to provide workers immediate medical attention at their work spots/area of residence. A full time Medical Officer heads the medical team and carries out visits to all dispensaries on alternate days, apart from visiting all water sources, labour housing colonies etc. regularly. An ambulance with a designated driver is available on the Group Hospital Premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for transporting patients in a safe and secure manner from the work spot or the housing colonies to the Group Hospital for specialized treatment or to the Government Hospital in Coonoor/Ooty/Coimbatore in case of an emergency.
  • Documented Recruitment and Social policies ensure no bias against any employee or resident on our estates and equal pay for equal work.
  • All workers’ housing provided is better than the minimum standard required as per the Plantation Labour Act that governs plantations and 100% of our workers’ houses have been provided with attached toilets and supply of potable water inside each house.
  • All water provided to employees’ housing is 100% potable and is tested daily at random by the medical department at 10 points on the Group to ensure quality of water provided is of potable standard.
  • The Company has built Temples, Churches and a Mosque for its employees and all employees practice their respective faiths and live together in a secular, peaceful and harmonious manner.
  • Medical check up at the time of recruitment is compulsorily carried out and free issue of medicines, supplements etc. to those employees who require the same, is provided.
  • Regular medical check ups for factory workers, pruners, workers engaged on agro-chemical spraying and drivers to ensure medical fitness of all workers undertaking these specialized jobs is carried out by the Medical Department at regular intervals.
  • Regular anemic surveys for all women workers to ensure better health of our employees.
  • Free immunization for all children is provided by the Company at regular intervals.
  • All children below 5 years of age are required to attend any one of the nine Day Care Centers operated by the company, where they are provided breakfast, lunch and a high protein evening snack, along with preschool training, free of cost. All children above five years of age are encouraged to attend one of the three Primary Schools run by the Company for its employees’ children up to Class 5.
  • All crèche and school going children have to undergo a regular medical checkup conducted by the Company’s medical department, wherein, besides health related issues for which they are monitored, their nutritional status is also monitored and documented.
  • All workers deputed for agro-chemical spraying operations are provided with Personal Protective Equipment that includes complete overalls, gloves, shoes, goggles, respirators and hard hats. Workers are permitted to carry out this operation only if found to be medically fit.
  • An Occupational Health and Safety Committee, consisting of worker’s representatives along with management representatives, meets at predetermined intervals to review and document all health and safety matters.
  • The Company’s welfare activities are audited by various third party audit bodies such as the St. John’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore (Welfare Audit), the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, ISO 22000:2005, GlobalGAP etc., that ensure that the standard of employee welfare provided is in line with the Company’s philosophy and certification standards.

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