Safety & Health Policies

  • Our policy on Craigmore and Pascoe's Woodlands tea factories is to ensure safety of our workers and quality of the made tea delivered to the customer. It extends to all activities from the supply of Green leaf to each stage of tea manufacture, its subsequent storage, packing and distribution
  • Craigmore Plantations considers high product quality to be paramount, and hence shall make every endeavour to improve, maintain and monitor the quality of its products.
  • The Company is committed to fulfill its legal, statutory and moral obligations to international standards of product safety and hygiene and has instituted systems and measures to monitor compliance and conform to its responsibilities.
  • The Company is committed to respond creatively and competitively to changing customer needs and aspirations and to incorporate the best technologies, equipment and processes to help us address these needs.
  • Occupational Health and Safety is our paramount concern. Towards this objective, all workers are provided with requisite protective gear including:
    • Eye Protection, respirators, gloves, hard hats, shoes and rainproof overalls for spraying operators.
    • Gloves, eye protection, facemasks, shoes and overalls for pruning operators.
  • All workers in the processing areas of the factory are given head covering, face masks, shoes, gloves and uniforms to ensure hygiene.
  • All chains, motors and belts in the factory have been provided adequate guards for the safety of the operators and factory work force.
  • A professional Safety Consultant visits, assesses and audits the safety measures instituted by the company on quarterly basis
  • All conveyers have been provided with pull cord devices for emergency shut down to ensure workers safety.
  • All electrical switchboards are provided with rubber floor mats to prevent electrical accidents to operators.

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