Quality Policy

  • Craigmore Plantations considers high product quality to be an integral part of its existence and hence shall make every endeavour to improve, maintain and monitor the quality of its products.
  • The Company is committed to respond creatively and competitively to changing customer needs and aspirations and to incorporate the best technologies, equipment and processes that help us address these needs.
  • The Company recognises that its employees are a key factor in its success and is committed to training them and providing them the necessary tools and techniques as well as motivating and empowering them to achieve broad based compliance of this policy at all levels.
  • The Company is committed to fulfil its legal and statutory obligations and international standards of product safety and hygiene and will not knowingly sell a product that is harmful to a customer.
  • The Company will maintain open channels of communication with its customers, solicit and monitor feedback and make every effort to suit customer requirements, improve product quality and service and address grievances in a fair and equitable manner.
  • The Company will periodically review this Quality policy for its effectiveness and consistency with business objectives.

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