Processes and Certifications

Regular Sampling for Quality Assurance Quality processes and protocol are implemented across all functions of the organization including leaf plucking, carriage & transport, processing, fermenting, drying, sorting, storage, and packaging. 

Regular monitoring and third party audits of these quality assurance systems ensure that the highest quality of produce reaches consumers in the market. 

Given here is a list of the certificates received by Craigmore Group:

(Click the below links to view the certficates)

Craigmore Plantations Ltd. - Rainforest Alliance Certification

Craigmore Plantations Ltd. - GLOBAL G.A.P. CERTIFICATION

Craigmore Plantations Ltd. - Ethical Tea Partnership

Craigmore Plantations Ltd. - UTZ Certified

Craigmore Plantations Ltd. - ISO 22000:2005

Craigmore Plantations Ltd., World Tea Expo (USA) - Sales Certificates

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