Fuel Planting and Felling Policy

On Craigmore Plantations (India) Private Limited, it is our policy that we shall under take systematic felling of firewood, grown in our fuel clearing for this purpose exclusively, for use in our tea factories and not for any other commercial purposes. 

In order to ensure that our designated “Fuel Areas” retain a fixed ground cover, it must be ensured that once felling is completed (after obtaining all required permissions from the Government) the said fuel clearing is replanted with in 12 – 18 months of felling. 

It must also be ensured at all cost that; fuel felling is only under taken after the monsoons recede so as to prevent any soil erosion in these clearings. 

Further planting of the felled fuel area must be undertaken during the subsequent monsoon after taking all precautions to prevent any soil erosion & if required opening of soil and water conservation trenches in steep sections of the clearing, where there are chances of any soil erosion. 

It will also to be ensured that all Blue Gum fuel clearings are felled only after a minimum 10 years of planting. It will also be ensured that no jungle trees in any of our fuel clearings are felled during the fuel felling operations under any circumstances for Craigmore Plantations (India) Private Limited,

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