Craigmore Plantations (India) Private Limited. has always been committed to fulfilling all requirements for compliance in the following areas: 

  • All requirements of the Plantations Labour Act..
  • Safety and health regulations as per industry standards.
  • Pesticides, chemicals and Pest Control orders.
  • Energy Management and Fuel Efficiency guidelines.
  • Environment Friendly processes and practices.
  • Ensure that all parameters under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act are complied with strictly.
  • Ensuring that teas comply with Maximum Residual Limits (MRL) set by various agencies to prevent contamination of our teas by usage of pesticides.

  • A View of Rolling Room at Craigmore Orthodox Factory
  • We ensure that all our employees' homes are supplied with potable drinking water, which has been suitably treated. There are around 1400 employees and approximately 3000 dependents who benefit from this care.
  • Providing free medical facilities to all our employees and their dependents at our 3 dispensaries manned by Registered Nurses and at our Group Hospital manned by our full time Medical Officer with the assistance of Nurses, Laboratory Technician, Pharmacist, Mid Wives and Para Medical staff.
  • The Group has 9 Crèches manned by trained Crèche Attendants for looking after the children of our employees during working hours. These children are provided nutritious meals during the day at the crèches in addition to milk and snacks.
  • The Group also provides its staff and employees recreation facilities at Staff/Labour clubs located on each estate.
  • The Group has three elementary schools on its estates where trained teachers impart education to children of our employees up to class V free of cost. The children are also provided with a wholesome meal and refreshments during classes.

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