Corporate Profile

Craigmore Plantations (India) Private Limited is an Inlaks Group company that was originally incorporated in the UK in 1884, as the Ceylon Land and Produce Company Limited. In 1977 the company was purchased by late Mr. Indoo Shivdasani of the Inlaks Group UK. The Company was registered in India as Craigmore Plantations (India) Private Limited and subsequently incorporated. 

The Company has consistently produced and delivered the highest quality of High Grown Orthodox teas to discerning customers in global markets for more than 130 years. The Company presently owns and manages approximately 1200 hectares in the pristine environment of the Nilgiri hills, in South India. 

We employ about 1400 people who are involved in the production of High Grown Orthodox Black Tea and High Grown Pan fired Green Tea.

Annual production of about 2 million kgs.

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